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  • Safety and Security App
    The safety and security app developed by the Texas A&M Health Science Center (HSC) is a cross-platform mobile suite designed to provide an easy to navigate and intuitive gateway to the safety and security programs at the HSC or, by virtue of its modular design, any other entity. Features include: 
    • Networked and offline access to all emergency procedure reference materials normally located in bulky physical flipcharts and books.
    • Anonymous reporting features to increase the public’s participation in safety and security by adding virtual “eyes and ears” at all locations.
    • Continuous monitoring, reporting, and suggestion features which help to foster compliance with national and state safety and security regulations such as Clery Act Reporting.
    • Portal into the parking system which includes GPS location tracking and guidance.
    • Up-to-date EHS forms, checklists, safety manuals, and training materials.
    • Extensible to multiple domains including construction, energy, logistics, hospitals, and K12 education.
    • For support questions or concerns please email us at: HSC-edusafe@tamhsc.edu .
  • iForms-based iPad safety inspection process
  • iForms-based iPad Clery monthly review process
    The IForms Clery Monthly Review is a data based form designed to track Clery compliance at the 8 locations across the state and bring them together to assure that all locations are up to date in all security and training aspects of the Clery Act.  Areas that are tracked include:
    • Crime Log Activities (for locations where security is present on campus)
      • Is the Crime Log present?
      • Are the last 60 days accessible?
      • Are daily entries present and up to date?
    • Annual Security and Fire Safety Report
      • Present?
      • Readily available?
    • Reportable Activity
      • Are reports timely?
      • Do reports have audit trail form attached?
      • Have reports been forwarded to Administration?
      • Are reports older than 7 years present?
    • Timely Warnings
      • Timely Warnings issued?
      • If yes how many?
      • Were established protocols followed?
      • Are established protocols readily available?
    • Operations Components
      • Website
        • Link to current Clery Handbook?
        • Current Campus Security Authority contact information correct?
        • Are Daily Crime Logs Accurate?
        • Is the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report accurate?
        • Is the link to the Texas Sex Offender Registry present?
        • Is the Timely Warning information Acurate?
    • Campus Security Authority Training
      • Are all records up to date?
    Each location is time and date stamped and the assigned personnel is recorded.  There is also a comment section included in the event a section does not apply to a location it can be explained.