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Emergency Management


The Texas A&M Health Science Center (HSC) is subject to emergencies or disasters resulting from major technological (man-made) incidents or natural phenomena. The HSC has developed a Crisis Management Plan (CMP) to be used as a procedural document to assist in organizing, coordinating and directing available resources toward an effective response to major incidents, natural disasters or other emergencies. Response must be timely, vigorous, and directed toward containing the situation, minimizing the loss of life and property, averting undue hardship or suffering, and maintaining the maximum operational capabilities. In addition, the CMP includes an organizational structure establishing the Crisis Management Team (CMT) for the HSC and its Components.
This page provides a document explaining the make-up of the Health Science Center’s Crisis Management Teams as well as Crisis Management Quick Reference Guides specific to each HSC campus. Currently, a project is underway to provide hard copies of these guides in each room of each building of the HSC.

Crisis Management Team

Crisis Management Team Document (PDF download).

Crisis Management Plan Quick Reference Guides