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Active Shooter

Active Shooter Outside the Building

  • Go to a room that can be locked or barricaded by using available material.
  • Close the window blinds, turn off the lights and get everyone down on the floor so that no one is visible from outside the room.
  • Spread out and seek concealment behind walls, desks, file cabinets, etc.
  • Have someone call 911. Be aware that the 911 system most likely will be overwhelmed.
  • When you reach the dispatcher, describe the situation, and give your name and location. Remain in place until the police give the "all clear".
  • Unfamiliar voices may be the shooter attempting to lure victims from their safe space. Do not respond to any voice commands until you can verify with certainty that they are being issued by a police officer.

Active Shooter Inside the Building

  • If possible, secure the room you are in by either locking or barricading the door using available material, and follow the same procedures described above.
  • If you cannot secure the room, determine if there is a nearby location that you are able to reach safely and then secure, or if you can, safely exit the building.

Active Shooter Inside the Room

  • If the active shooter enters your office or classroom, there are no set procedures.
  • The decision to flee or seek shelter inside the room only can be made by you and is dependent upon the circumstances.
  • Try to remain calm. It will aid you in decision making.
  • Call 911 if possible, and alert police to the shooter's location.
  • If yo cannot speak, leave the line open so the dispatcher can hear what is taking place. Usually the location of a caller can be determined without speaking.
  • If there is absolutely no opportunity of escape or concealment and the shooter is not actively firing on victims, it might be possible to negotiate with the shooter.
  • If the shooter has fired on victims, you are faced with a life or death situation. Only you can consider your next course of action.
  • After all other options have been exhausted, you may be faced with the decision to overpower the shooter with force by whatever means necessary.