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Campus Operations


Clay D. Hanks, Ph.D.

Dr. Clay D. Hanks is the Director for Campus Operations

Dr. Hanks bio.

QA/QC Sustainability & Operations Engineer

Richard Lynn, P.E., LEED, AP, Chief Engineer, Utilities Administration and QA/QC,  is responsible for:

  •  Bryan
  •  Energy Conservation Management Program
  •  QA/QC - Annual Audits (with recommendations)
    •      AHU
    •      HVAC Systems/Duct
    •      Electrical Switchgear
  • Structural Inspections
    •   Engineering Support
    •   As-Built Document Library
    •   Required Reporting
    •   SB 12 Required Reporting and Certifications(SECO and the Governor's Office
    •   HSC Representative on SECO SAELAG (State Agency Energy Advisory Group)
    • Biosafety Operations Engineer

Environmental Health and Safety/Security
John Fellers, MS, CFPS, CFI, RAS Environmental Health and Safety is responsible for:
  • Safety
    • Biological Safety
    • Laboratory Safety
    • Fire/Life Safety
    • Chemical Safety
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Crisis Management Plan
    • HSC Alert (Leslie Lutz)
    • 1st Report of Injury
  • Security of Personnel and Property
  • Mail Services
  • Keys/Access Cards

Clery Compliance

Darrell Mayfield

  • Clery Act Reporting
Operations Business Office

Luis Aguilar and Charles Vrooman are responsible for business office operations.

Parking Operations

Jim Suter supports TAMHSC's parking operations (permits and citations).


Charlie Lindahl is responsible for:
  • Sysadmin/IT for the FLEX T2 Parking system and the Assetworks Facilities Management System.
  • Website content and special projects  for Campus Operations, Training, and EHS sites.


Fleet Management 

Percy Johnson is responsible for the HSC fleet of vehicles.

McAllen Campus