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Procurement Services

Procurement Services

Welcome to the Procurement Services web site. Please add it to your list of internet browser favorites.

Procurement Services is the central purchasing authority for the Health Science Center community. We are responsible for managing the procurement tools and processes on an HSC-wide basis, including orders, contracts and legal agreements associated with the acquisition of goods and services that support the HSC’s educational, research and community support initiatives.

Mission Statement

The mission of Procurement Services is to obtain all goods and services necessary for the HSC community in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

Commitment to Excellence

In support of the mission statement, Procurement Services will maintain a commitment to excellence through professional ethics and best business practices. Additionally, staff embraces the responsibility to ensure that all procurement transactions are done so in compliance with all state and federal regulations. All HSC personnel engaged in the procurement process are highly encouraged to position all procurement opportunities in open competition among vendors through fair negotiation, competitive bidding and contract buying.