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Research at the Components

Each of the components of the Texas A&M Health Science Center has a research office that is responsible for local administration of their research programs and an associate dean (or equivalent) who reports to the Vice President for Research.  Each component also has a number of signature research programs and priorities.


Baylor College of Dentistry

Dr. Larry Bellinger

Associate Dean for Advanced Education

Phone: (214) 828-8322

Email: lbellinger@bcd.tamhsc.edu


Signature programs and priorities:

Tooth development and genetics

Dentin, bone and cartilage matrix biology

Temporomandibular joint function, dysfunction and pain

Implants, bone regeneration devices and devices to move teeth

Stem cell applications for regenerative strategies and scaffold design

Use of biomarkers to detect oral cancer


College of Medicine

Dr. Van Wilson

Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies

Phone: (979) 436-0310

Email: wilson@medicine.tamhsc.edu


Signature programs and priorities:


  • Development
  • Female specific issues
  • Degenerative diseases

Infectious disease

  • Host responses to infection
  • Vaccines/diagnostics
  • Animal models of human infectious disease

Physiological and regenerative medicine

  • Stem cells
  • Hepatic disease
  • Cardiovascular disease


College of Nursing

Dr. Rajat Sethi

Assistant Dean for Research

Phone: (361) 593-4275

Email: rsethi@pharmacy.tamhsc.edu


Institute of Biosciences and Technology

Dr. Peter Davies

Associate Director

Phone: (713) 677-7473

Email: pdavies@ibt.tamhsc.edu


Signature programs and priorities:

Cancer and Stem Cell Biology

Environmental and Genetic Medicine

Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases

Translational Cancer Research


Rangel College of Pharmacy

Dr. Srinith Palikurthi

Associate Professor

Phone: (361) 593-2566

Email: palakurthi@pharmacy.tamhsc.edu


Signature programs and priorities:

Product development and pharmacokinetics

Molecular biology and cancer therapeutics

Bioanalytical services


School of Public Health

Dr. Jean Brender

Associate Dean for Research

Phone: (979) 862-1573

Email: jdbrender@sph.tamhsc.edu


Signature programs and priorities:

Prevention research

Aging (healthy aging through long-term care issues)

Healthcare quality and cost effectiveness

Environmental exposures and adverse pregnancy outcomes