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Qualitative Standards

To receive financial aid, a student must maintain a minimum qualitative measure of progress as listed below or as determined by the designated College Promotions Committee:




Qualitative Measure

College of Medicine

Determined by TAMHSC COM Promotions Committee*

Rangel College of Pharmacy

Determined by TAMHSC Rangel COP Promotions Committee*

School of Rural Public Health

3.0 Cumulative TAMHSC GPA

Graduate Studies

3.0 Cumulative TAMHSC GPA

BCD Dental

Determined by TAMHSC BCD Promotions Committee*

BCD Dental Hygiene

2.0 Cumulative TAMHSC GPA

College of Nursing

2.0 Cumulative TAMHSC GPA


*Please refer to the specific college student handbook policies and procedures section for definitions and criteria for promotions.


All qualitative data and GPA calculation is from the TAMHSC Office of the Registrar and pursuant to their policies which include calculations involving incomplete and repeated coursework.


Withdrawal (Official and Unofficial)

Depending on the circumstances of a withdrawal, a grade of “W”, “I” or “F” may be assigned which will impact SAP. The Office of Student Financial Aid also reviews all student withdrawal information to determine if a return of funds is required. Learn more at Withdrawal and Leave of Absence


Regaining Eligibility

Students not meeting SAP may be denied financial aid. Eligibility may be reinstated in one of two ways:

  • Achieving the required (qualitative and quantitative) standards over time.


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