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Withdrawal Procedures

Withdrawal is defined as disenrolling after the current semester. Should a student withdraw prior to the census day, no record will exist. Should a student decide to withdraw prior to the last day to withdraw, a grade of “W” will be posted to the student’s transcript. Should the student decide to withdraw after this date, the instructor is given the prerogative to award either a “W” or an “F”.

How to Withdraw

In the event a student wishes to withdraw from the Health Science Center, a Student Request for Official Withdrawal must be completed in myHSC by clicking on the Withdrawal link under the Registrar tab.  You will complete an on-line form and submit it for approval by the appropriate parties.  Then, the Withdrawal Request is submitted to the Offices of Financial Aid and Student Financial Services.  You will receive an e-mail communication when the withdrawal is complete.  It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the withdrawal process has been completed.

Specific Details

Details regarding the repercussions of a withdrawal are available from each service office.  Students are encouraged to contact the Offices of Financial Aid and International Services prior to withdrawing from the institution.

Students should refer to their respective component’s academic calendar for the last day to withdraw. No withdrawals will be accepted after the last day to withdraw from the HSC for any given semester without the approval of the Registrar and the student’s component representative.