Bloodborne Pathogens (Lab/Healthcare) - 2111507
This online training video teaches health care workers about the safety issues regarding exposure to bloodborne pathogens and how to protect themselves and their coworkers from contamination. Viewers learn how bloodborne diseases are transmitted in a health care setting, procedures for accidental exposure, the importance of early detection, the symptoms of initial exposure, and how to limit their risk of exposure.
All workers in a laboratory or health care setting who come in contact with blood or other potentially infectious materials as a part of their normal routine and non-routine job duties. (Examples not limited to: Those involved in and the support of Biological research, Health Services workers)
Time Required
27 to 29 minutes
Topics Covered

• Introduction
• HIV & Hepatitis
• Exposure
• Exposure Control Plan
• Labeling
• Standard Precautions
• Housekeeping
• Workplace Activities
• Vaccination
• Accidental Exposure
• Review

Bloodborne Pathogens for Healthcare Workers Course