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Spill Response

Shops, labs, and areas with hazardous chemicals should have spill clean-up supplies on hand. Call 9-911 and/or your component's safety officer to report potential hazards from oil spills, fuel spills, chemical spills and other spills.

13. Weather Emergencies

Weather emergency concerns for the Brazos Valley primarily include high winds, heavy rains, lightning, and tornadoes. Because the Bryan/College Station area does not have an early warning system for weather emergencies, a weather emergency radio can be used to monitor changing weather conditions and act accordingly. The following sections provide general guidelines for handling various weather emergencies.

13.1 Heavy Rain/High Winds

Heavy rain and high winds provide dangerous driving conditions. Because flooding is a common problem in the Brazos Valley, motorists should be aware of local weather conditions and avoid roads that tend to flood in heavy rains.

IMPORTANT: Do not drive in flooded areas or attempt to cross moving water in an automobile. Moving water can easily capsize a car or truck and drown the victim. Avoid creeks, rivers, ditches, and flooded roads during heavy rains. Keep children from playing in these areas during inclement weather.

High winds can topple trees, outdoor equipment, and electrical lines. Avoid downed power lines and notify the utility company of power outages. If an electrical line falls across your car, do not move the car or try to get out. Stay where you are until help arrives.

13.2 Lightning

Lightning is nature's worst destroyer. A typical lightning bolt contains several hundred million volts at 30,000 or more amperes.

  • Lightning need not strike a person directly to be dangerous.
  • Lightning can crash down from virtually clear sky.
  • Stay away from open doors or windows during an electrical storm.
  • Avoid using the telephone or television set and keep clear of all metal objects such as pipes and electrical appliances during a storm.
  • Do not go outside.

If you find yourself caught in a storm away from a protected building:

  • Avoid tree lines.
  • Stay away from flag poles, towers, and metal fences.
  • Do not wade, swim, or go boating in a thunderstorm.
  • A closed automobile provides a protective metal shell.
  • If caught in the open, stay low.