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Quantitative Standards

Completion of degree requirements within a set period of time (Maximum Hrs) and progressing at an acceptable pace (Completion Rate) are components of the TAMHSC Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy. 

 Quantitative Measure - Period of Time to Complete Program (Maximum Hours)

DegreeStandard (Years)Maximum (Years)
Ph.D (w/ Advanced Degree) 4 8
Ph.D (w/o Advanced Degree) 5 10
M.D. 4 86
M.D./Ph.D. 7 12
D.D.S. 4 6
D.D.S. (Extended) 5 7
D.D.S./Ph.D. 7 12
Dr.P.H. 4 8
M.S. 2 4
M.H.A. 3 6
M.S.P.H. 3.5 7
M.P.H. 3.5 7
B.S. (Dental Hygiene) 2 3
D.H. (Extended) 3 4
Pharm.D. 4 6
Nursing (Generic) 2 3
Nursing (Accelerated) 15 months 22 months

A student registering for less than full-time enrollment will be allowed additional time of eligibility based upon a proportion of the actual registered hours since the time of first enrollment, as compared with normal full-time hours for the same time period. A student failing to meet this standard will be suspended from financial aid eligibility.

 Time spent completing approved transfer credits have been taken into consideration in the determination of the maximum period of time to complete programs at TAMHSC. Due to the nature of the some health professions programs, prerequisite coursework from educational institutions other than TAMHSC is required for admission. Thus transfer credits are not a factor in the components calculation of the standard length of time to complete the degree. Therefore the time frames given above are only in relation to enrollment at TAMHSC.

Completion Rate 

A student must complete at least sixty-seven percent (67%) of total attempted credit hours. This includes all TAMHSC and transfer classes reported by the Office of the Registrar. Incomplete coursework includes receiving failing grades, withdrawals and incompletes. All enrolled hours, whether repeated or not, are counted as attempted hours when determining the rate of progress.

Withdrawal (Official and Unofficial)

Depending on the circumstances of a withdrawal, a grade of “W”, “I” or “F” may be assigned which will impact SAP. The Office of Student Financial Aid also reviews all student withdrawal information to determine if a return of funds is required. Learn more at Withdrawal and Leave of Absence

Regaining Eligibility

Students not meeting SAP may be denied financial aid. Eligibility may be reinstated in one of two ways:

If previously denied financial aid, it is the student's responsibility to present evidence to the Office of Student Financial Aid at the time he or she has met minimum requirements for reinstatement of State and Federal Title IV student financial aid.

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