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Satisfactory Academic Progress: Appeal Process

Students may appeal the denial of State and/or Federal Title IV student financial aid due to not meeting SAP requirements. Successful appeals must show that special circumstances (i.e. illness, family emergency) contributed to not meeting SAP requirements and include:

  • A detailed explanation of the circumstances which resulted in failure to meet SAP.
  • Any and all supporting documents associated with the appeal (i.e., medical documentation, newspaper article, etc.).
  • A letter from their academic department delineating the student's academic standing and confirming that the student can (mathematically possible to achieve GPR and/or completion rate) and will meet the minimum SAP requirements upon graduation.
  • A pragmatic plan outlining the steps to be taken to achieve SAP requirements.

 Appeals are submitted to OSFA and will be reviewed by a Director, Assistant Director or Counselor in the Office of Student Financial Aid. Students will be notified by email of the outcome when the review is complete. If approved, financial aid eligibility will be reinstated for the academic period specified by the reviewer.

Consequences of Denial of Appeal

Students who do not maintain satisfactory academic progress and whose appeal is denied lose eligibility for State and Federal Title IV student financial aid for the entire grading period, as defined by the component's academic division, and all subsequent periods until SAP requirements are met. Requests to re-evaluate the appeal and reverse the denial may be initiated by contacting the OSFA Director or Executive Director.

Reinstatement of Title IV Financial Aid Eligibility

It is the student's responsibility to present evidence to the Office of Student Financial Aid at the time he or she has met minimum requirements for reinstatement of State and Federal Title IV student financial aid.

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