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Financial Literacy

Loan Track

Training Track

Web-Based Online Training

Association of American Medical Colleges - AAMC

AAMC FIRST for Medical Education - Financial Information, Resources, Services and Tools.

Multi-Media Modules

        • Financial Literacy 101 (Budgeting, Banking, Credit Cards, Identity Theft, Debt Management)
        • Exercises (Create Budget, Financial Assessment, Resident Life Calculator, Credit Card Repayment)
        • Fact Sheets
        • Medloans Organizer and Calculator
        • Presentations and archived Podcasts
        • Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Plan Guides 

The National Endowment for Financial Education
Cash Course

Text Driven Courses

      • Financial Basics (Budgeting, Banking, Credit Cards, Savings, Identity Theft, Setting Goals)
      • Paying for College (Financial Aid, Repayment, Outside Scholarships, Financing Graduate School)
      • World of Work (Assessing Job Offers, Insurance, Taxes)

Other Resources

      • Budget Wizard and calculators
      • Worksheets and Quizzes

Community Track

Interactive Budgeting Resources

Geezeo - Track Expenses, Plot Recurring Costs and Set Goals
Buxfer - Track Friends and Family Expenses, Social Network

Financial News

MSN Money

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