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Posted Friday, May 27, 2016 7:56 AM

Bryan / College Station, Houston and surrounding area

Continued heavy rainfall and flooded roads are anticipated again today in Bryan/College Station, Houston, and the surrounding area. For your safety, please continue monitoring local weather, and do not attempt to cross flooded roadways. Remember, turn around, don’t drown.

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Faculty Senate Caucus


Jordan Schweitzer Assoc. Prof., ENDO
Allen Honeyman Assoc. Prof., BMS 
Lynne Opperman Assoc. Prof., DH
Patricia Campbell Prof., BMS


Jeffrey Cirillo Prof., MPIM
David Earnest Prof., NEXT
Catherine McNeal Assoc. Prof., IMED
Mary Elizabeth Herring
Assoc. Prof., MHUM
Kathleen Jones Clinical Assoc. Prof, AA
Mark Sicilio Asst. Prof., MPED


Kara Jones-Schubart Clinical Assist. Prof., CON
Brian Holland Asst. Prof., CON


Ayman Hamouda Asst. Prof., PHSC
Jay Weston
Asst. Prof., PHPA


Bita Kash Asst. Prof., HPM
Alva Ferdinand
Asst. Prof., HPM


Lucy Rodriguez Administrative Coordinator
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