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Jan. 11, 2001

The Texas A&M University System Health Science Center Minutes of the HSC Faculty Senate meeting

Held at Scott & White in Temple,TX


January 11, 2001


10:06 a.m. - 12:17 p.m

Senators present: Robin Autenrieth, Dennis Bastron, Sue Carozza, Robert Cederberg, Alicia Dorsey, Charlie Foulks, John Gelderd, Paul Gershon, Fred Gimble, Marvin Hirsh, Dean Hudson, Jeff Kapler, James Martin, Tom McKinney, Gerald Meininger, Barbara Miller, Ed Miller, Jeana O'Brien, Lynne Opperman, Alan Parrish, Frank Perez-Guerra, Tom Peterson, Robert Probe, Marty Scholtz, Tom Stanford, Dave Zawieja

Senators absent: Garret Ihler,

Guests present: Chris Barnett M1 student

Call to Order

All sites were acknowledged as being connected via TTVN and at 10:06 a.m., Speaker Opperman called the quarterly "face to face" meeting to order and determining that a quorum was present.

Approval of minutes

The minutes of the Faculty Senate meeting on 12/14/00 were unanimously approved as written.

SACS Accreditation

Speaker Opperman indicated that Dr. Eric Solomon and Dr. Kelly Hester have been invited to address the Senate at the February meeting regarding SACS accreditation for the HSC.

Election Committee Report

Senator Peterson reported that the committee had a conference call and created a draft of the nomination form.  A copy will be sent to the Secretary/Treasurer for distribution to all components.  Baylor will be electing two senators: a regular one and an alternate.  Only graduate faculty will vote for the GSBS senator; they will vote as all other faculty in their component election.  Nomination will be accepted for a period of two weeks beginning on January 15 and ending on January 26.  Absentee voting will be for one week beginning on January 29 and ending on February 2.  The election will be held on Monday February 5.  It was suggested that all senators "talk-up" the nomination/election process to their fellow faculty members.

COM needs to elect an alternate as well as a senator to represent the V.A..  It will be left up to the COM to decide how to conduct the election.

Dr. Paul Gershon was welcomed as the new senator to replace Dr. Bob Wells at IBT.

Speaker Opperman asked Senator Meininger to discuss the election of officers.  He suggested that a hand showing of votes be done since there was only one person nominated for each office.  A motion to this effect was made and seconded.  The nominees were excused from the room and the slate was voted into office and included: Speaker- Lynne Opperman, Deputy Speaker- Tom Peterson, Secretary/Treasurer- Tom McKinney.

Expression of Thanks for Service

Speaker Opperman accepted a suggestion that thanks should be expressed to Senator Zaweija for his outstanding service during the past year as Secretary/Treasurer.

Mission Statement of the HSC

Speaker Opperman discussed the Mission Statement of the HSC and indicated that the Senate should study the statement and make any suggestions for improvement.  Senator Dorsey who is a member of HSC Committee working on the Mission Statement indicated that the committee wanted wide spread faculty involvement in the development of the Mission Statement and to vote on it prior to its being sent to the HSC Administration.  Senator Foulks suggested that each component must have its own Mission Statement and that the HSC Mission Statement would be an "umbrella statement". 

It was mentioned that the existing Mission Statement of the HSC was formulated in 1998 and that a lot of changes have occurred since then.  Senator Ed Miller suggested that the dental hygiene department of BCD be included in the Mission Statement.

It was suggested that the Caucus leaders put discussion of the Mission Statement on their respective Faculty Senate/Forum agendas.  Dr. Solomon wants faculty input on this! 

Senator Hirsh pointed out that the Mission Statement of each component must support the Mission Statement of the HSC.  Senator Dorsey mentioned that eventually the Mission Statement of the HSC must be approved by the Board of Regents and the Coordinating Board of the State.  Senator Zaweija mentioned that the faculty should be aware that the Mission Statement of the HSC drives what the HSC does.  All senators were encouraged to attend the Faculty Senate/Forum meetings to assure that faculty understand the importance of this document.

Search Committees

Two senators are needed to serve on Search Committees for a permanent Director of IBT and an interim Vice President for Research.

      Director of IBT: Senator Gimble indicated that there should be an IBT senator on the committee and nominated Senator James Martin.  This motion was seconded.  Note: Dr. Cole has indicated that 2-3 IBT faculty members should be on the search committee.  There will be about 11 members on the whole committee.  Discussion occurred about GSBS having a representative on the committee.  The discussion included: IBT was "umbrellaed" under the COM and that after the HSC formation, it would have degree granting ability.  A question arose as to whether IBT faculty voted for membership on the GSBS faculty.  It appeared that Dr. Fuller Baser sent notification to faculty about their being GSBS faculty members.  Senator O'Brien nominated Senator Meininger for the committee and it was seconded.  Senator Meininger was elected to serve on the search committee.

      Interim Vice President for Research: Senators Meininger and Gelderd were nominated and seconded for membership on this Search Committee.  Each was asked to give a brief bio of their research activities that would be relevant to serving on this committee.  A vote was taken and Senator Meininger was elected.

      Interim Dean of GSBS: Speaker Opperman indicated that this position would be filled from in-house by Dr. Cole.  Senator Gelderd nominated Dr. John Quarles since he was already in the #2 position and was probably doing this work currently.  Senator Zaweija nominated Senator Meininger since he served under a previous administration in this capacity.  Both names will be forwarded to Dr. Cole for his consideration.

CAFRT and Post Tenure Review

Speaker Opperman indicated that Dr. Hester is to address the senate next month about the process. Both CAFRT and P&T documents must be in place for SACS accreditation.  Currently, the HSC CAFRT document is similar to the TAMU document.  This document is the primary protection in cases of academic problems and must have faculty representation to assure that all faculty (especially certain clinical faculty distinctions) are protected.  The Post Tenure document is part of the Promotion and Tenure document.  Post Tenure review is mandated by the state and is not required as part of the SACS accreditation process.  Dr. Larry Bellinger (BCD) is Chair of the HSC P&T committee and may be asked to address the senate about this document.  Senator Dorsey pointed out that the current CAFRT document does not cover the promotion of an Associate Professor to Full Professor.  At the next monthly meeting, the senate will do a line item review of the existing CAFRT document.  Initially, this will be an internal senate process before it involves component faculty.  A motion was made requesting the formation of a committee to study any difficulties with the document if they are found after the line item review.  This motion pass unanimously.

Old business: HSC P&T policies were discussed.  The following topics were discussed:

1.The small components have so few faculty, it will be a problem forming P&T committees for these units.

2. An initial idea was to have an umbrella document for the HSC.  The feeling now is that the current administration is seeking a lot of faculty input.

3. Keep the document simple and separate from the past document which was issued by a previous administration.

4. There are such big differences between the components that the document will be lengthy.

5. Different tracks will simplify each faculty member's reading of how the document applies to them.  Faculty must be assured of protection if they switch from the Tenure track to the Clinical track (non-tenured).

6. Each component has its own P&T committee that will review faculty for P&T and then forward onto the HSC P&T committee.  The HSC P&T committee is to assure due process by the component P&T committees.

7. A suggestion was made to use the original P&T document with changes to address: faculty rank, principal faculty, and tenure vs non-tenure.

8. A suggestion was made for the Senate to do a review before having Dr. Bellinger (Chair of the HSC P&T Committee) address the Senate.

9. A motion was made to have senators read the document, send recommendations to the chair of the Senate P&T committee for compilation and distribution to the senators prior to the March meeting.  This motion was seconded and passed unanimously.  It was also suggested that we change the March quarterly meeting from IBT to College Station.  No decision was made regarding the change.

Since the consent agenda had been completed and the Committee of the whole would conclude the meeting, it was decided to finish the meeting prior to the lunch break.

Committee of The Whole

Since the agenda had been completed just prior to the noon break, by general consent it was decided to continue with the Committee of The Whole and conclude the meeting prior to lunch. Speaker Opperman indicated that she had a conversation with Dr. Cole about where the senate secretarial help would reside.  Senator Gelderd indicated that he would talk with Dr. Dickey to see if she can identify someone currently employed in the COM.  Senator Probe discussed senate membership on the oversight committee of the Medial Science Library Council.  The HSC senate will have the responsibility of appointing members to this committee.  COM and SRPH have members on this committee.  Any faculty member can be appointed.  When the Council needs members for this committee, senator Probe will consult with the Senate for recommendations.


A motion was made and seconded and the meeting adjourned at 12:17 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by

Tom McKinney

HSC Faculty Senate Secretary/Treasurer