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Sept. 13, 2001

The Texas A&M University System Health Science Center

Minutes of the HSC Faculty Senate TTVN meeting

September 13, 2001

From 10:05 a.m. - 11:58 a.m.

Senators present: Robin Autenrieth, Dennis Bastron, Robert Cederberg, Alicia Dorsey, John Gelderd, Fred Gimble, Marvin Hirsh, Dean Hudson, Geoffrey Kapler, James Martin, Tom McKinney, Gerald Meininger, Barbara Miller, Ed Miller, Lynne Opperman, Alan Parrish, Tom Peterson, Marty Scholtz, Tom Stanford, Dave Zaiweija

Senators absent: Sue Carozza,, Paul Brandt, Charlie Foulks, Paul Gershon, Jeana O,Brien, Frank Perez-Guerra, Robert Probe, George Martinez, Kishore Wary, Carolyn Wilson

Guests present: None

Call to Order:

After checking with all TTVN sites, it was determined that senators were present at all sites except at Scott & White.  Speaker Opperman called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m.

Confirmation of a quorum:

It was determined that a quorum was present.

Approval of minutes:

The minutes of the Faculty Senate meeting on held on July 12, 2001 were approved as written.

Old Business:

      Library Facilities: Senator Bellinger reported that for libraries to provide widespread availability of journals, they want a vote of support before obtaining them.  Senator Dorsey reminded the Senate of the relevance of library support for academics to SACS accreditation.  Senator Bellinger asked for a resolution from the Senate in support of obtaining proper library facilities.  A motion to that effect was made, seconded, and passed unanimously.  Senators Opperman and Bellinger will draft a letter to the SACS committee conveying the support of the Senate in this matter.

      Proposed Rules on Technology Mediated Instruction: this agenda item was postponed to the next meeting.

      Presidential Search: No information is available other than the Search Committee has given its recommendations to the Chancellor.

      Curriculum Committee: Senator Gelderd reported that the group charged to look at other Health Science Centers to see what they do as far as having a HSC-wide curriculum committee, has gathered no information.  Other Health Science Centers are being contacted, but at this time there is no information to report.

      Faculty Senate Web Site: Speaker Opperman reported that Kay Mizer called her to say that the Senate website had been set up at no cost to the Senate, but now they wanted the Senate to start paying for their services.  So far, it appears that there have been approximately $800.00 in charges generated in doing the work on the website.  Speaker Opperman reported that Senator Geldard had reminded her in the Executive Committee meeting that Dr. Elvin Smith had promised to pay for the website charges for the Senate.  The bills need to be sent to Dr. Smith and he will take care of them.

Senator Zaweija reported that he is working with Brad Barnett and the prototype of the website is almost completed.  He said that he will send an email giving the temporary address for the web page for Senators to look at and make any recommendations for changes.  Any ideas for changes should be sent to Senator Zaweija.  There are pieces of information (members of the Committee on Committees and Personnel and Welfare Committee) missing from the website that need to be supplied to Brad Barnett.  Senator Opperman reported that the Committee on Committees was composed of the Caucus leaders.  Senator Zaweija reported that there is an hourly charge of $25.00 for placing items on the website and additional charges for background items.  There may be some changes made in how the charges will be computed in the future and this information will be passed on to Senator Zaweija.  Changes in information included on the website could be accomplished in two ways: have Brad Barnett do it or have someone in the Senate who is knowledgeable websites to input the information.  Senator Zaweija was not sure if Dr. Smith intends to continue to pay for the website charges indefinitely.   Also, there needs to be information included on the Home page of the website about who the contact person is for information regarding the Senate.  Senator Peterson reported that the Dean's office of COM is short-handed and cannot provide a person to replace Marnie Rhoads.  Senator Zaweija suggested that until the President's office can supply someone, the Secretary/Treasurer of the Senate should be the "point person". 

New Business:

      Senate Elections and CAFERRT elections: Senator Peterson reported that the Senate elections will take place in December and the new Senators would take their seats in January.  The CAFERRT election should be held along with the Senators election to expedite the election process.  Senator Peterson mentioned that the CAFERRT document has not been approved and suggested that the election of members for the committee would have to be held prior to the document being voted into place.  Senator Peterson suggested also that he should not be on the Elections Committee because he is vastly too busy with SACS Committee work now.  He recommended that the COM Caucus should choose a new member for the committee.  Once this person is chosen, there needs to be a new chair of the committee elected.  Speaker Opperman reminded the Senate that the Elections Committee member of each component is responsible for conducting the election and that once the nominations are posted, there must be a two week period for absentee voting prior to the actual election. Senator Parrish was chosen by the COM Caucus to replace Senator Peterson on the Elections Committee.  Senator Peterson will use email to coordinate the election of a new Chair of the committee.

Apportionment of senators will be determined internally by each component using the formula previously established.  Senator Dorsey indicated that the CAFERRT document will be approved by October at the latest and that it is a totally faculty driven document.  To serve as a member of the CAFERRT Committee, one must be a full professor or a previous member of a CAFERRT Committee.  Senator Ed Miller suggested that the Committee be composed of 4 members each from COM and BCD, 2 from IBT, and 2 from SRPH.  A motion was made and seconded to change the election from the Spring semester to the Fall semester.   The motion was passed unanimously.  The date for electees to accept the office would change from September 1 to January 1.

      Bylaws Changes: Senator Peterson reported on the changes recommended by the Bylaws Committee.  One of these changes is that election information will not be sent to the Secretary/Treasurer but to the Caucus leaders of each component.  There was discussion of the changes, but the vote on the issue will be at the next meeting according to Bylaws' rules.

      Apportionment: There will be 3 senators for each component plus one additional senator for each 25 full time faculty members.  The Bylaws state that the information regarding apportionment must be posted in a public forum.  The official count of full time faculty is to be determined by the Election Committee member of each component and reported to the Chair of the committee who will report the findings at the next Senate meeting.  The number will be computed as of September 1.

      Personnel and Welfare Committee: Currently this committee has no members.  The FAPT Committee has completed its work and should be declared defunct.  It was discussed that some senators had not served on any committees and should be "given" the opportunity to serve.  The Executive Committee had discussed that new members of committees should not be elected until after the Senate elections in December.

      Review of Post Tenure Document: The latest version of the document was given to the Senate as the meeting started and Senator Bellinger reported on changes in the document.  He indicated that the rule portion of the document is the part defining the "process of review" and the other part is the "lawyer driven" information.  Annual review is the "heart " of the review process, not a 5-6 year process as BCD has had in the past (BCD had a time frame of 5 years).  The state says no less frequently than every 6 years.  Item "B" is a point of contention where the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs accepts or rejects the recommendation of the department Chairs.  All recommendations whether positive or negative will have to go to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.  Senator Dorsey indicated that there had been too little time to read, study, and discuss the document with other faculty for a vote to be taken at the meeting.  Dr. Binnie is to decide if a 2 or 3 year period of probation will occur.  He feels that 2 years is sufficient since there will be 3 years of unsatisfactory performance preceding the probationary period.  Senator Dorsey indicated that there is concern about evaluating a changing document.  COM and SRPH did a "straw poll" and indicated that they wanted annual reviews as the post tenure review process.  Senator Bellinger is to make changes in the rules portion of the document and send them out by email as well as any changes to the policy portion (lawyer driven).  

Committee of the Whole: Senator Peterson opened the Committee where no business was conducted.  There was a motion made and seconded to close the committee.


A motion for adjournment was made, seconded, and passed and the meeting adjourned at 11:58 a.m.


Tom McKinney


HSC Faculty Senate