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Aug. 8, 2002

The Texas A&M University System Health Science Center

Minutes of the HSC Faculty Senate TTVN Meeting

August 8, 2002

3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Senators present

BCD:              Byron Benson, D.D.S., David Grogan, D.D.S., Thomas McKinney, D.D.S., Edward Miller, Ph.D., Francisco Rivera-Hidalgo,

COM:             Paul Brandt, Ph.D., Alan Parrish, Ph.D., David Zawieja, Ph.D.

COM Clinical:          Clifford Buckley, M.D., Charlie Foulks, M.D.

GSBS:            Peter Buschang, M.A., Ph.D.

IBT:                Mingyao Liu, Ph.D., Andrew Spicer, Ph.D., Kishore K. Wary, Ph.D

SRPH: Jane N. Bolin, RN, JD, Alicia Dorsey, Ph.D., Larry D. Gamm, Ph.D.

Call to Order: Deputy Speaker Alicia Dorsey called the meeting to order at 3:35 p.m.

Confirmation of a quorum: It was determined that a quorum was present.

Approval of minutes: Minutes were approved with corrections. Dr. Buschang attended the July 11 meeting. Also Dr. Barbara Miller is on the committee for Posthumous Degree instead of Dr. Jane Bolin.

Deputy Speaker Dorsey announce that Dr. John Quarles would not be at the meeting to discuss GSBS members for the Faculty Senate. This was tabled until the next meeting when Dr. Quarles will be invited.

The Emeritus Faculty and Distinguished Professor policy has been presented to the HSC Executive Committee and they will be voting on it next Wednesday. There were only minor changes made to the documents that were not substantive.

Goals and Objectives were approved by the HSC Executive Committee. Speaker Peterson was asked to speak on behalf of the Faculty Senate at President Dickey's Inauguration. Speaker Peterson accepted.


Report from Elections Committee: Dr. Alan Parrish reported that there would not be a special election for the vacant seats on the Faculty Senate. Positions will be in the regular November elections and will take their seat in January.

Report from Posthumous Degrees and Honorary Degrees Subcommittee: Dr. Larry Gamm reported the committee sent out the proposed policy for the Posthumous Degree to the Faculty Senate. Received feedback from all committee members . Dr. Gamm distributed a sample that is similar to that of Corpus Christi degrees. Master degrees may need to be changed between components. Dr. Gamm stated that on the policy 2.3 was being looked at. 2.4 recognizes the lack of clarity for the GSBS role. This may not be sufficient. Deputy Speaker Dorsey tabled this until September to send to the HSC Executive Committee. Dr. Gamm will be taking any comments on this policy for the next meeting. The proposed policies are on the HSC website. The Honorary Degree is close to the Texas A&M University (TAMU) policy. This policy is also like the HSC degree or component specific. Normal degrees are conferred by the component. A motion was made to table this policy until the September meeting. Dr. Bolin seconded it and the motion passed. Dr. Gamm will collect comments and a make a revised version will be sent out before the next Executive Committee.

Report from Personnel and Welfare Committee: Dr. Bolin proposed a Faculty Senate rule change for extension of Tenure Probationary period. TAMU HSC Faculty Appointment, Promotion and Tenure policies allow "extensions to the probationary period to be granted for conditions which effect time off the tenure track. Dr. Bolin recommended that the Faculty Senate adopt the present TAMU policy regarding extension of the tenure probationary period, and "de-link" the right to seek a leave of absence from the option to seek an extension of tenure probation. A motion was made to adopt to change to read as the example provided at the meeting. The motion was seconded and passed.


Nominations for TAMU Senate Committee: Deputy Speaker Dorsey reported that TAMU the Faculty Senate is looking for nominations for committee members from the Health Science Center for the Graduate Council and the Medical Science Library Council. In TAMU Faculty Senate's bylaws the HSC need to provide the following committee members. Graduate Council - 1; Medical Science Library - 2 Faculty members; Medical Sciences Library - 1 Graduate Student. Our HSC Faculty Senate will nominate from the School of Rural Public Health, Dr. Mary Wolfe. College of Medicine has two slots open in Medical Science. Deputy Speaker Dorsey suggested that the HSC Executive Committee be allowed to approve the nomination for members. A motion to this effect was made and passed. Dr. Parrish will look for 2 nominees to send forward.

Committee of the Whole

Dr. McKinney asked the Faculty Senate if there was anything to talk about. Dr. Ed Miller had concerns regarding Senate web page indicating that the CAFFERT and FAP&T documents were pulled off the website. Both of these documents have been approved by the Faculty Senate and the HSC Executive Committee. Dr. Miller asked that the HSC Executive Committee have these policies put back on the website for viewing. The post-tenure document, even though in legislation, should still be posted on the website for viewing. The faculty at all components should know the status of these documents.


A motion was made and made for adjournment at 4:27 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Tom McKinney


HSC Faculty Senate