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Feb. 14, 2002

The Texas A&M University System Health Science Center

Minutes of the HSC Faculty Senate TTVN meeting

February 14, 2002

3:35 p.m. - 4:50 p.m.

Senators present: Robin Autenrieth, Larry Bellinger, Byron Benson, Jane Bolin, Alicia Dorsey, Charlie Foulks, Larry Gamm, Marvin Hirsh, Geoffrey Kapler, Mingyoa Liu, George Martinez, Cynthia Meininger, Barbara Miller, Ed Miller, Tom McKinney, Jeana O'Brien, Tom Peterson, Andrew Spicer, Kishore Wary, Carolyn Wilson, Dave Zawieja

Senators absent: Dennis Bastron, Paul Brandt, Cliff Buckley, John Gelderd, Jose Gonzalez, Alan Parrish, Robert Probe

Call to Order: Speaker Peterson called the meeting to order at 3:35 p.m.

Confirmation of a quorum: It was determined that a quorum was present.

Approval of minutes: The minutes of the Faculty Senate meeting held on January 10, 2002 were approved as written.

Speaker Announcements: Speaker Peterson announced who the caucus leaders are: BCD-Ed Miller, COM(B.S.)-Alan Parrish, COM(Cl)-Jeana O'Brien, IBT-Andrew Spicer, SRPH-Robin Autenrieth, and GSBS-none. He also announced that the Senate officers would meet on March 28th with Dr. Dickey to discuss issues of concern to the Senate. Those issues include: clerical help, funds for meeting travel expenses, and better links with the administration (all levels of HSC administration). Senators with issues of concern should send them to the Secretary/Treasurer prior to the meeting with Dr. Dickey. Speaker Peterson indicated that he had met with Terri Parker concerning inclusion of Senate activities in CSAN each month. Occasionally, there will be articles of substantial length concerning the work of the Senate.

Old Business:

      SACS Site Visit: the Site Visit is scheduled for April 8-12, 2002. On February 26, there will be a pre-site visit from SACS.

      CAFERRT: the document was returned by "System legal" with suggestions for changes. It appears that there are no real problems with the document. The Senate should put the recommended changes in the document and return it to "Legal" for scrutiny. Legal would then return the document to the Senate for a final look. After that, the document would be sent to the HSC Administration. It is hoped that this process can be completed prior to the SACS Site Visit. Senator Benson asked if the document is almost done or does it have big problems. Speaker Peterson indicated that it is almost complete.

      The Chair and the Vice Chair of CAFERRT are to be selected by the Executive Committee from nominations from faculty in general. These positions do not have to be filled from members of the Senate. Senator Dorsey indicated that the selection of these two individuals is not an election. The term of service will be 5 years and these are non-voting positions. She indicated that the Senate needed a mechanism to get names of those willing to serve. It was suggested that the Caucus Leaders give a list of names to the Executive Committee who will then select the Chair and Vice Chair. Senator Ed Miller suggested that the Executive Committee bring the names of the Chair and Vice Chair to the next Senate meeting. It was also mentioned that a current CAFERRT member should not be nominated since they would have to be replaced on CAFERRT if the were selected for one of the two positions. Caucus Leaders are to send names to the Secretary/Treasurer by March 5, 2002.

      Post Tenure Review Document: Speaker Peterson indicated that the document just came back to the Senate yesterday and the edits suggested by the Senate had been incorporated into the document. He suggested that bringing the document for a vote with so little time for review is not a good idea. He said that it will go on the Website soon even without our input. Deputy Speaker Dorsey suggested that "approved" documents be marked as "approved by - - - - - - - - ". There was a consensus to delay voting on the document until the next meeting.

      Website: Senator Zaweija reported that he had received information indicating that most updates have been finished. He indicated the when the Secretary/Treasurer forwards the new updated version to him, he will get it on the Website. The cost is to be paid by the HSC Administration. He asked "how many people will this Website impact"? If anyone knows, that information should be forwarded to him. Senator Zaweija wants e-mail sent to him so that he will have accurate e-mail addresses. His address is: Dcz@tamu.edu.

New Business:

      Approval of Senate Meeting Calender for the Year: the location of the quarterly meetings has not been decided yet. Deputy Speaker Dorsey indicated that the April meeting may overlap with the last day of the SACS Site Visit. She said that no one will know until the schedule is announced. It may be a good idea to move the meeting to the 18th if the 11th conflicts with SACS. It was suggested that the April meeting should be in College Station and hosted by SRPH, the July meeting in Dallas, and the October meeting in Temple. A motion was made and seconded to this effect and passed unanimously.

      Election of Standing Committees: Speaker Peterson accepted nominations for the Personnel & Welfare Committee and the Elections Committee. For P&W they were: Jane Bolin, Paul Brandt, Cliff Buckley , Mingyoa Liu, and Carolyn Wilson. For Elections they were: Larry Gamm, Marvin Hirsh, George Martinez, Alan Parrish, and Kishore Wary. There were no nominations from GSBS. Deputy Speaker Dorsey moved to approve the slate, it was seconded, and passed unanimously for both committees. The Secretary/Treasurer is to send the list of committee members to all Senators.

      Other Business: Deputy Speaker Dorsey mentioned that anytime there is to be an amendment to the Constitution, it is a 3-step procedure. The first step is that a written statement of the proposed amendment is sent out to all faculty. The second step is that there is a public notification made of the intended amendment. The third step is open sessions on the Website and at the next Senate meeting. The final step in the process is a vote at the next Senate meeting.

      Speaker Peterson indicated that GSBS has an identity crisis and that the SACS process was difficult because of their disorganized status. He indicated that GAB.S. Senators seem to see themselves as belonging to their primary institutions. The issue is whether they should be represented in the Senate. Senator Ed Miller reported the BCD discussion about the status of GSBS as a Faculty Senate entity. One GSBS Senator was present at the meeting and agreed. Senator Zaweija wants to be sure that no faculty would be without representation. He was assured that would be no problem.

      Deputy Speaker Dorsey mentioned that the Constitution talks about the reapportionment issue and that it is to be done every 3 years. She raised the question, "What would happen to existing GSBS Senators?"

      Speaker Peterson mentioned that Dr. John Quarrels had discussed with him the issue of how the process of determining Emeritus and Distinguished Professors is handled. He felt that the Senate should be the body that handles this process. Discussion indicated that the Personnel & Welfare Committee should be responsible for doing this activity.

Committee of the Whole: Senator Jose Gonzalez was unable to attend the meeting and had asked the Secretary/Treasurer to bring up the issue of the time when the Senate meets being a problem for clinicians. Senator Foulks indicated that as Medical Director of Scott & White, he is happy for clinicians to have time off to attend Senate meetings.

      Senator Ed Miller indicated that the GSBS Senators had never acted as a Caucus. Deputy Speaker Dorsey indicated that ad hoc and standing committees do not have any GSBS membership, so no reconfiguration of any committees would be needed if the Senate votes to eliminate GSBS from representation in the Senate. She also pointed out that Tenure, Post-Tenure, CAFERRT, Curriculum, etc. are handled in the "home unit" where faculty are a principal faculty member. Senator Zaweija indicated that the decision to include the GSBS was made by the Noreen administration. Deputy Speaker Dorsey reminded those present that a 2/3 vote of the Senate is necessary to initiate a change in the Constitution. She also indicated that the vote could be done by Listserve. Senator Ed Miller moved and Senator Benson seconded a motion to do it by the next meeting.


      A motion for adjournment was made, seconded, and passed unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 4:50 p.m.


Tom McKinney


HSC Faculty Senate