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April 8, 2004

The Texas A&M University System Health Science Center

Minutes of the HSC Faculty Senate TTVN Meeting

April 8, 2004

3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

John B. Connally Building

Senators present

BCD: Pete Benson, D.D.S.,M.S., Patricia Campbell, Robert Cederberg, D.D.S., David Grogan, D.D.S., M.S., Allen L. Honeyman,Ph.D., Bob Hutchins, Ph.D., John D. Regan, BA, Bdent Sc., Msc., MS, Francisco Rivera-Hidalgo, B.S., D.M.D., M.S., Mark Gannaway, D.D.S.

COM: Paul Brandt Ph.D., Cynthia J. Meininger, Ph.D., Gul A. Russell, Ph.D., H. Wayne, Sampson, Ph.D.

COM Clinical: Rick Winn, M.D.

GSBS: Lynne Opperman, Ph.D., Farida Sohrabji, Ph.D.

IBT: Mingyao Liu, Ph.D., Fen Wang, Ph.D., Potaman Vladmir, Ph.D.

SRPH: Jane N. Bolin, RN, JD, Ph.D., JD, Larry D. Gamm, Ph.D., Steven Moore, M.D., MPH, Anne Sweeney, Ph.D.

Guest: Mr. Jeff Lett, Alicia Dorsey, Ph.D.

Call to Order: Speaker Sohrabji called the meeting to order at 3:45 p.m.

Confirmation of a quorum: It was determined that a quorum was present.

Approval of minutes: One correction: Dr. Peter Buschang is on the Personnel & Welfare Committee and Dr. Lynn Opperrman is on the Elections Committee. A motion was made to accept the February minutes with correction. The motion was seconded and approved unanimously.

Comments from the Chair: Dr. Sohrabji opened the meeting with Dr. Jane Bolin presenting a plaque to Dr. Alicia Dorsey for her years of service as the Speaker for the Faculty Senate. Dr. Dorsey thanked everyone for being able to work with the Faculty Senate.

Dr. Sohrabji introduced and welcomed Mr. Jeff Lett, Chief Information Officer. Mr. Lett presented an outline on a proposed Information Technology Strategic Plan on where the HSC currently is with each priority and projection of what needs to be accomplished with each priority. Discussion followed.

Old Business:

Dr. Bellinger was not available for the meeting and the update on the Q&A for the AFERRT has been tabled.

New Business:

Update on the standing committees has been completed. The elections committee will be chaired by Dr. Lynne Opperman with committee members-Dr. Benson, Dr. Sampson, Dr. Rascoe, Dr. Potaman and Dr. Moore. The Personnel and Welfare committee does not have a chair as of yet. Committee members-Dr. Honeyman, Dr. Maxwell, Dr. Montgomery, Dr. Buschang, Dr. Liu and Dr. Bolin. Dr. Jane Bolin will work on getting a chair.

Regents Service Award.

Dr. Opperman reported that College of Medicine, Baylor College Dentistry and Institute of Biosciences and Technology have all sent in one nominee. The three candidate's CVs and letters have been e-mailed to the Executive Committee to be ranked in order of preference. The names of the nominees will be sent to Dr. Nancy Dickey.

Priorities for 2004. Dr. Jane Bolin reported on the status of Faculty Senate by-laws in respect to the TAMU-System policies. Dr. Bolin did a comparison of rules pertaining to Faculty Rights & Responsibilities. She went to the TAMU policies and the System policies to compare. A handout was provided. What she found out was that the system policies are generic. Dr. Bolin reported on the four policies that are not addressed at the HSC. These were 1) Appointment, Evaluation, and Reappointment of Faculty to Endowed Positions; 2) Faculty Participation in the Selection, Evaluation, and Retention of Deans; 3) Faculty Participation in the Selection, Evaluation, and Retention of Department Heads; and 4) Faculty Participation in the Selection, Evaluation, and Retention of Executive Vice President and Provost. Dr. Sohrabji requested that the Faculty Senate prioritize these policies in the order that the policies be worked on. Dr. Bolin will provide the website for these policies and they will be circulated by e-mail to each of the Faculty Senators. Dr. Sohrabji would like for the Senators to prioritize them in the order that we feel that they be worked on.

Standing Committee Reports:

Committee of the Whole: Dr. David Earnest Faculty have requested merit payments approved by the President was changed from 25% to 10% without faculty representation present. Dr. Sohrabji noted this will be discussed this at the next Council of Advisors meeting and she will report back to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee.

The next face-to-face Faculty Senate meeting will be held on Thursday, June 10, 2004, to be held in Temple, Texas. Please mark your calendar for this meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 4:58 p.m.