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CARE Modules

*Please Note: Module links below be activated as they become available*

Intro To CARE Modules

  • An overview of the modules
  • How they will be assessed
  • How faculty will be able to utilize them

Module 1: Critical Thinking Skills, the Basics for Evidence-Based Practice

Module 2: What is evidence-Based Practice?

  • Gives an overview of evidence-based practice
  • Shows the importance of using evidence in quality practice and research

Module 3: Ask the Well-Formulated Question

  • Will help students understand the importance of asking the right questions in the best way to support practice

Module 4: Acquire the Best Evidence

  • Shows learners how to search for, and to recognize, the best scientific evidence when answering well-formulated questions

Module 5: Critically Appraise the Evidence

  • Once the evidence is retrieved, students develop skills in evaluating the quality and strength of evidence

Module 6: Apply the Evidence and Experience to the Question

  • Students will integrate their assessment of the evidence with their clinical and professional expertise and apply it to practice

Module 7: Assess the Impact - Analyze & Adjust

  • Students will utilize evaluation tools to assess the outcomes of evidence-based interventions