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Learning Collaborative Events

The calendar above shows RHP 17 Learning Collaborative events (green) and Peer Learning Collaborative events (purple).

Regional Events

Throughout the year, RHP 17 will host various learning collaborative events in the region. Events will vary in size and structure, ranging from the two face-to-face events held each year to various webinar or speaker opportunities. Regional events may be co-hosted with Region 8 out of Round Rock and/or include participation in activities with our peers in the neighboring Houston region, RHP 3.  Additionally, RHP 17 will distribute a monthly or bimonthly newsletter, as well as hold a monthly call to promote learning collaborative activities and encourage sharing and active participation among regional stakeholders.

RHP 17 Learning Collaborative Biannual Event

March 25, 2015 - The Cannery Kitchen, Brenham TX

RHP 17 will host the first face-to-face event of DY4 at the Cannery Kitchen in Brenham. The event will focus on nutrition in Texas, and the key role nutrition plays in health outcomes and chronic disease management. The Stakeholders will have the opportunity to hear presentations by Mr. John Puder of the Texas Hunger Initiative, Ms. Kelsey Anderson with Evidence-Based Programs through the Texas A&M School of Public Health, and Ms. Jennifer Mertz of Scott & White Hospital Brenham. Additionally, posters for some of the region's DSRIP projects will be displayed, and attendees will participate in a networking luncheon, graciously provided by Faith Mission. The event is free to attend, but registration is required. Please RSVP to the RHP 17 Anchor Team by March 16,  2015. 

Work Group Events

Cohort work groups can help promote efficiencies and improve health care delivery and access throughout the region by fostering collaboration on continuous quality improvement efforts. RHP 17 initially established two work groups: a Behavioral Health & Primary Care group and a Care Transitions & Navigation group. Initial aims are aligned and group meetings are going to be a combined effort for the near future as participants collaborate on the development of a regional resource and referral guide.

For more information on the cohort groups, please visit the RHP 17 Cohort Work Groups page.

Peer to Peer Opportunities

Info about connecting with Region 3 and Region 8 Learning Collaborative activities.

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