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Posted Wednesday, March 4, 2015 12:32 PM

Temple Campus Only

Due to inclement weather, the Temple campus will delay opening until noon tomorrow, Thursday March 5 2015.

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Faculty Senate Caucus


Allen Honeyman Assoc. Prof., Biomedical Sciences
Lynne Opperman Prof., Biomedical Sciences
Emet Schneiderman Assoc. Prof., Biomedical Sciences
Charles Wakefield Prof., General Dentistry


Jeffrey Cirillo Prof., MPIM
Gerald Frye Prof., NEXT
Catherine McNeal Assoc. Prof., Internal Medicine
Rajesh Miranda Prof., NEXT (Caucus Leader)
John Quarles Prof., MPIM
Mark Sicilio Asst. Prof., Pediatrics


Kara Jones-Schuba Asst. Prof.
Brian Holland Asst. Prof.


Mohammad Nutan Assoc. Prof., Pharmacy
Ayeman Hamouda Asst. Prof., Pharmacy Practice


Bita Kash Asst. Prof., Health Policy and Manag.
Hongwei Zhao Assoc. Prof., Epidemiol. and Biostat.
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